FREE ICD 10 Search Tool for Windows 8 & 10!

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Who said that there was no benefit to using Windows 8 or 10?  Still struggling with the transition to ICD-10? Look no further than ICD-10-CM.

If you are a medical professional, student, or intern, this helpful tool from publisher Dr. Kompotnik allows you to search a diagnosis and painlessly get to the corresponding code.  Now is the time to practice, as the deadline for mandatory adoption is October 1, 2015! Work out the bugs in your process before you’re working in front of patients.

Here’s what you will need:

1)  A legal, activated copy of Windows 8 or 10

2)  A Microsoft account

3)  Download and Installation privileges on the computer you are using

Don’t have Windows 8 or 10 yet?  Don’t have a Microsoft Account?  Unresponsive IT guys?  We can help get you going on the road to ICD-10 adoption today!

Let us know how we can help!


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