Outdated Tech at Work? It’s Probably Newer Than Our Nuclear Systems.

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Scientists work on a bank of outdated computers. Black and white photo, circa 1950s.

After decades in use, the US nuclear arsenal is finally getting an update. While it needs a systemic overhaul, so far only one piece of outdated tech is scheduled for replacement. That technology? A floppy disk drive. And not just any floppy disk. We have been running our most dangerous and vulnerable weapons systems off of a nearly 50 year old 8 inch floppy drive.

Failure to upgrade these systems over the years means that we are now running out of replacement parts. Worse, we’re running out of technicians who understand the systems. A system that is outdated by 40+ years needs specialized repairs. The only persons capable of making those repairs currently are civilians. While isolating the system from the network is absolutely necessary, isolating it from this century is a bit much.

We understand that sometimes, upgrades are difficult to justify when something is working. However, this system no longer works for the soldiers who support it. From the sounds of things, it hasn’t for some time. Why has it taken so long to see that this system is outdated? Clearly there are some modern inventions, such as cloud storage, that would not help these systems. There is, however, absolutely a middle ground between 50 year old technology and storing data online. For all the spending on our military, we seem to have some major technological oversights.

Not the US Military? Outdated Technology is Still Risky.

Don’t let your business fall into the same trap. Regular repairs, updates, and maintenance are essential. A lack of upgrades can cause data loss, broken machines, and system failures. Keeping up to date will keep your business running far into the future. And if you’re not sure how to get started? Don’t worry. We know exactly what you need. Call Problem 86, and let us help you analyze your business technology. We will make sure that you can to do what you need. Don’t lose your ability to access your data or serve your clients to outdated computers.


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