Commercial IT


Problem 86 specializes in helping those borderline businesses in the Private Physician, Law, Real Estate, and Manufacturing fields that may be in desperate need of new equipment and functionality, but may not be large enough to justify a full-time IT staff person or team. We have the expertise and strategic technology partnerships to bring a more efficient set of hardware systems and software services to this segment, while being highly available in times of critical downtime. We have found that clients often have not embraced a new technology or a more efficient way of doing business simply because they lack the infrastructure to develop and support such new technologies.

With the downturn in the economy of late, commercial IT departments have experienced a decrease in manpower as companies rush to cut costs before the hemorrhaging threatens to cut them out of business. Now companies are asking their techs to do more with less, often to the point that critical business processes are at risk of failure. Xcentech can help fill the gaps in the current team while allowing corporations the flexibility to use only the labor that is needed only at a given time for a specific purpose.

Some of our commercial IT services include:

  • Technology Planning and Project Management
  • Technology Deployment and¬†Implementation Services
  • Vendor Relationship Management
  • Custom Server Design
  • Custom Business Workstations
  • Server Setup
  • Server Maintenance
  • Service and Performance Monitoring
  • Emergency ON-SITE data and Hardware Recovery
  • Custom Maintenance Plans
  • E-Mail Server Implementation, Including Web-Access
  • Backup Servers and Storage Solutions
  • Secure, Encrypted Online Backup¬†Services
  • And More!

Contact us to set an appointment where we can meet you and your staff to discuss the many ways in which we can help you embrace technologies to give you that competitive edge.