Feeling overloaded? Let us be your in-house network support!

An efficient business network is a necessity that cannot be overstated. Unfortunately most small businesses have a difficult time keeping their network in line with the ever growing demands of their businesses. At Problem 86, we specialize in making sense out of technological chaos. Once we get you to a workable point of order, we can monitor and maintain your servers and network equipment to ensure that you can focus on your specialty: Running your business!

We offer the following networking services to help you stay on top:

  • Server Room Design and Planning
  • Cat5e & Cat6 Building Wiring
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Redundant Internet Setup
  • VOIP Phone Systems
  • WAN Implementation Across Town or Between Cities
  • Network Administration
  • Remote Control and Remote Access
  • Network Deployed Software
  • Network Deployed and Monitored Anti-Virus Solutions

Contact Us today so that we may assist you with the development of a proactive approach to your networking needs!